How to take care of orchids

Orchids love humid air. Therefore, put the plant on an island in a bowl of water because orchids do not like wet feet.

Orchids are very sensitive to eutrophication. Therefore, use special orchid fertilizer available from garden centers. Regular houseplant fertilizer can, but the dosage should be halved. Several times a year the pot should be flushed with water of about 25oC.

The best give your orchids rain water because tap water can be tough there because they do not like. The soil should be well wet, then drain. Again only watering when the pot feels light again. That will be 7 to 10 days, depending on how quickly evaporate the moisture in the pot.

Orchids like a large difference between day and night temperatures to bloom well. Make sure the plants at night are dry, otherwise arise diseases like 'hartrot' easy.

Some of the most popular orchids are listed below care instructions in detail.



Phalaenopsis. Moderate light. Temperature between 15 and 30°C. Spray the plants regularly on dry hot days. Give orchid fertilizer once every 3 weeks. Cut out the flowered flower stem on 3 eyes length, then blossom again.

Cymb   Cymbidium. Veel licht, ochtendzon, kan 's zomers naar buiten. Eind oktober vóór de vorst binnen halen, niet eerder want koude nachten zijn noodzakelijk voor de knopzetting (nog onzichtbaar). Binnen eerst liefst een koele (tot 5°C.) en lichte plaats, bijvoorbeeld op een slaapkamer. Langzaam verschijnen de bloemtakken, pas vlak voor de knoppen open gaan in de huiskamer zetten. 1 x per week flink water geven, in de winter droger houden. 's Zomers eens per 14 dagen mest geven.
Paph   Paphiopedilum. Moderate light. Temperature between 16 and 30°C. The plant is growing throughout the year. Never allow the pot mixture to dry completely. The plant likes high humidity, spray the plants regularly in winter. (On the windowsill over the heater it can be very dry). Give orchid fertilize once every 3 weeks.
Dendr   Dendrobium. Lots of light, no direct sunlight. Temperature during growth around 25°C. And give a lot of water. In the fall and winter keep a lower temperature (around 18°) and keep the plant drier (water once every 14 days). Give orchid fertilize once every 3 weeks.
Dendrobium nobile in winter keep dry and put in a cool and light place until the flower buds appear.
Catt   Cattleya. Lots of light, but only direct sunlight in the early days. Too little light gives poor bloom. Temperature between 13 and 30°C. During the growth, water once a week. Outside the growing time less water. The plant is very sensitive to water that remains in the heart of the new shoot (gives rot). Give fertilizer once every 14 days.
Milt   Miltonia. Moderate light. Temperature between 13 and 25°C. The pot mixture must never dry out. The plant hates dry air. Regular spraying on dry days and a place between other plants is best. During the growth, fertilize 1 x per 3 weeks.
Onc   Oncidium. Lots of light, no direct sunlight. Temperature between 15 and 30°C. Take care that there is no water in new shoots, which gives "heart rot" as with all orchids. During growth, fertilize once every 3 weeks.